Favourite animal

So so so so sorry for being late, but hey, better late than never right ..? So my second challenge was to draw my favourite animal and ughhh I’ve drawn a lone wolf as you can see it somewhat looks like one…….(lol) ugh well the reason for it being a wolf is because it singifies a lot of things in my life especially a lone one, as i myself am an introvert and i find it hard to socialize but yes like a lone wolf my fight isn’t over and I’m still living its a mark of inspiration and courage


#1. Drawing myself

So I’ve been really bored lately and I didn’t know what to do, i had developed a new habit recently of drawing and i use to love it in the past and to improve i have taken up a challenge so my first challenge happens to be to draw myself i love cartoons and Animes so i have my own style of drawing and so i made this